Why Am I Writing This Blog…

tom and kids

There I was, in the autumn of 2017.   A newly minted Stay at Home Dad (SAHD) smelling the oddly soothing scent of a chocolatey dryer.  But, I quickly learned that what wasn’t so soothing was cleaning up the $%#@ messes and jumping through all the hoops that a SAHD has to deal with every day (or, on some days, every fifteen minutes!).   But, it did provide me with ample material to write some (hopefully) funny and semi-self-therapeutic stories about my SAHD experience.

So,  I started writing the SAHD Tales stories and publishing them on Facebook much to the delight of my friends who could empathize with my misadventures.  It’s like a virtual support group suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Sock Disorder) which is caused by the sight of white socks with leaves and dirt ground into them like a fine Italian espresso!    “SOCKS ARE NOT SHOES!!!“, I would scream at my kids who didn’t have earbuds stuck in their heads and could actually hear me.   And then, while drinking my third glass of wine, I would write a story about how my pre-treatment laundry game is totally sick.     See, that’s how these things get started!   : )

After about 12 stories and a year’s worth of SAHD misadventures I decided to compile them into this SAHD Tales blog.   Some people grossly overestimated my ambition and suggested I try to write a book which sounded like too much work!     I mean, seriously!?  Like, I have seven minutes a day in between kindergarten-volunteering-organic-non–gmo-grocery-shopping-got-to-get-an-oil-change-in-the-minivan-i-am-late-for-ballet-class-again!    So, the book (and movie staring 1990’s Brad Pitt as me) will have to wait!!

In the meantime, I will try to publish stories weekly here on SAHD Tales and reply to your comments and suggestions as much as possible.    Comments within the blog or email at:  tom@sahdtales.com

Dads Rock!


PS…  If you see me in the parking lot at Safeway, get the hell out of my way because I’m late for my lacrosse car pool!!!!



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