Dirty Dishes & Water Bottles: A Match Made in Hell!

dirty dishes

For those about to (rock!) wash dishes, is there any greater affront to our senses than a stainless steel water bottle in a sink full of spaghetti dishes? No, seriously, I’m not kidding. There is a special place in hell (or at least purgatory) for kids (or spouses) who put their “dirty” water bottle in with the lasagna pan. PEOPLE!!! PAY ATTENTION!! The bottle had friggin’ WATER IN IT! Actually, CLEAN WATER that you were DRINKING up to the minute you put it in with the Mac-n-Cheese platter!! (Seriously, bleeding out my eyes as I type this now!). If you had simply emptied the WATER bottle and let it dry it would probably be clean enough to be used in SURGERY! But, no. You saw Stay-at-Home-Dad (SAHD) with a sink full of suds and thought…”You know what, if I just slip this alongside the dried oatmeal bowl from this morning Dad will clean it for me and I can go back to FaceSnapTimeChatting with my friends. Let’s do it!”

Seriously, sometimes I find the “dirty” water bottle still halfway filled with ICE CUBES! OMG! We could take that “dirty” water bottle and keep it in our dusty emergency supply kit in the closet and live on it for a MONTH five years from now!!

Poor water bottle. Standing in the middle of the dirty sink. She’s like…”OMG, what did I do to deserve being covered with ketchup and blueberry yogurt when all I did was quench the thirst of a 13 year old with W A T E R!!!!!??”

Okay, I can totally understand if the stainless steel “bottle” was filled with something I could actually use right now like whiskey. THEN, yes, SOAP and WATER would be necessary! But, it just had three little letters: H2O!!!

ALSO, the same goes for the stainless steel Yeti COFFEE cup with the plastic lid! It will not get any CLEANER (biting my words off as I type this) if you toss it in with the garlic-and-curry sauce pan in the sink!!

Whew, now I just need to say a little prayer to the Patron Saint of Dishwashers and Kitchen Cleaners and I will be fine, right? And, maybe sprinkle some holy water as I say my prayers. BUT, DON’T PUT that $#@! HOLY WATER bottle in the sink OR THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY!!!

Deep hot yoga plus pilates kinda breathing now… breathe, breathe…. : )

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