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tom and kids

Last year in 2017 I had the chance of a lifetime to become a full-time stay at home Dad (SAHD).    My wife and I carefully looked at our family situation, our finances, and our (dwindling) sanity and decided that this would be the year that I quit my corporate job and “stay at home with the kids”.   This was something I had long day-dreamed about during boring meetings at work, but nothing could fully prepare me for the adventures I was about to undertake. 

As the father of four kids ranging from kindergarten to teen/tween I had to seriously retrain myself and develop new skills including: the laundry arts, how to drive the minivan like an Indy Car, and knowing how many days past the expiration date I can use really lunch meat.      More than once my patience was pushed to its limits (like that time when someone put Tupperware on the lower deck of the dishwasher – AGAIN!).   

So, I decided it would be fun to write down the stories of my first year of SAHD life.    I initially published the stories on Facebook and getting fun replies from my friends was semi-therapeutic and probably a better coping mechanism than drinking at 3pm in the afternoon.     And now they collected together here (and more added frequently) for your fun and enjoyment!    

Feel free to provide your feedback or comments about this blog to me at: tom@sahdtales.com

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